Your Shadows are the KEY to Love

Your freedom lives in your shadow. Your ecstasy lives in your shadow. Your love lives in your shadow. For only when you illuminate the unseen, ignored and denied aspects of yourself can you truly begin to fly.

Where you notice judgements towards others, is where you hold judgements towards yourself. Where you feel shame towards yourself, is where the most acceptance & forgiveness are needed. The actions that trigger you are actually catalysts for your healing.

Your shadows invite you to step into a deeper experience of love within yourself.

Into your worthiness. Into your deservingness. Into your bliss.

The jealousy, the competition, the fear, the doubt, the sexual shame you are experiencing, the pain that is keeping you up at night and creating chaos in your mind all day, THIS is where your freedom is hiding.

Your shadows are a gift.
Until you own your shadows, they own you.

So I say, run into the shadows.
Play in the dark.
Nourish yourself with Light.
Free yourself from the pain you’ve been holding onto.

If you want to experience embodied pleasure, freedom & love then you must first embrace your shadows.

This is the first step in your magnetism & magic.

See you in the shadows,
Serena @serenavamoroso