MYTH: You Need to “Fix” to Become “Whole”

Today I woke up feeling a tenderness in my body, in my heart and my soul which brought me to this message for you…

There’s a lot of talk about “healing” these days.

“Heal that wound.”
“Heal that trauma.”
“Heal that trigger.”

The idea of healing implies you are broken and need to be fixed.

The Truth is you are ALREADY whole.

It’s simply about removing the layers of dust ( conditioning & programming ) that have convinced you otherwise.

Can you HOLD your pain, your shame, your tenderness and just BE with those aspects of yourself? Without trying to change them?

This is one dance of your inner masculine and feminine energetics.

The feminine — allowing your emotions to be felt and experienced.
The masculine — holding your emotions to be with and witnessed.

It’s not about HEALING yourself. It’s about HOLDING yourself.

Holding AS the Healing.

By accepting all aspects of self.

AND — how can you honor the discomfort of this process?

It’s not always to be easy or enjoyable to hold yourself AND can you find the beauty in that?

Can you create expansion, love & freedom THROUGH the discomfort?


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